Hey there, I’m Gabriel Iglesias, your go-to guide at StedSkater. I’m passionate about skateboarding and dedicated to sharing my knowledge through insightful guides and informative articles. With years of experience in the skateboarding scene, I’ve picked up tricks, tips, and a profound understanding of the culture.

As a skateboard enthusiast, I believe in fostering a community where skaters of all levels can come together to learn, grow, and, most importantly, have fun on their boards. Whether you’re a beginner looking to nail that first ollie or an experienced rider seeking advanced techniques, my goal is to provide content that inspires, educates, and keeps the stoke alive.

Let’s ride the streets, parks, and ramps together, embracing the spirit of StedSkater.


Do skateboards work on grass? [Loaded Guide]

Skateboarding may seem like it’s only suited to smooth concrete surfaces, but

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Why is skateboarding good for you? (Explain!)

Skateboarding, an action sport that has swept across the world, is not

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Are grizzly skateboards good? (Worthful)

If you're looking for a reliable and stylish skateboard, then grizzly skateboards

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Do you need bushings for a skateboard? (Installation Guide)

Are you looking to upgrade your skateboard setup? If so, one of

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Do skateboard wheels need spacers? [Pro Guide]

Skateboarding is a great way to get around and have fun. From

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How Long Do Skateboards Last? [Exception Explanation for 2023]

From beginners to professional riders, skateboards often form an integral part of

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8 Best electric skateboards under $1000 for 2024

Over the years, electric skateboards have gained massive popularity among millennials and

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Does a moving skateboard have energy? (Energy Transformation)

Have you ever seen a skateboard rolling downhill, seemingly on its own?

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Is skateboarding good cardio? (Exercise Tips)

For centuries, skateboarders have used their boards to traverse among cities, as

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