Can you bring a skateboard on Spirit Airlines? (Answered!)

Syed Naqvi
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Spirit Airlines is known for its low-cost flights and no-frills approach to air travel.

If you’re a skateboard enthusiast planning to fly with Spirit, it’s essential to understand the airline’s policies regarding bringing a skateboard on board.

This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to bring your skateboard on a Spirit Airlines flight, covering regulations, packaging requirements, and tips for a smooth travel experience.

Understanding Spirit Airlines’ Policies:

Before we dive into the specifics of bringing a skateboard on board a Spirit Airlines flight, let’s take a look at the airline’s policies and regulations.

Here’s a table summarizing the key rules and guidelines for bringing a skateboard on Spirit Airlines:

Type of SkateboardStandard skateboards, longboards, and penny boards are generally allowed. Electric skateboards may have specific regulations. Check with Spirit Airlines for any updates or changes.
Size LimitsEnsure that your skateboard adheres to Spirit Airlines’ size restrictions for carry-on items. Typically, the maximum dimensions are around 22 x 18 x 10 inches.
Weight LimitsStay within Spirit Airlines’ weight limits for carry-on items, which is typically around 40 pounds. Check for any changes in the airline’s policies.
Packing RequirementsInvest in a durable skateboard bag or case for protection. Remove loose parts like trucks or wheels and pack them separately. Pad the deck with clothing or bubble wrap.
Check-In NotificationInform Spirit Airlines staff during check-in that you are carrying a skateboard. They may provide specific instructions or tag your skateboard as a special item.
FeesBe aware of any additional fees associated with carrying sports equipment. Spirit Airlines may charge extra for items like skateboards. Check the current fee structure on the airline’s website.
Electric SkateboardsIf you have an electric skateboard, check for any specific regulations or restrictions. Some airlines may have guidelines regarding battery size and carriage.
Security ScreeningExpect security to inspect your skateboard during the screening process. Ensure that your skateboard bag allows for easy inspection without causing damage.
Onboard StorageSkateboards are typically considered carry-on items and may need to be stowed in the overhead bin. Ensure it fits within the airline’s cabin storage guidelines.
Liability and InsuranceConsider securing travel insurance that covers sports equipment. This can provide financial protection in case of damage or loss. Check if your existing insurance policies offer coverage.
Check for UpdatesPolicies can change, so it’s essential to check for updates on Spirit Airlines’ official website or contact customer service before your trip. Stay informed about any modifications to their skateboard carriage rules.

Checked Baggage vs. Carry-on:

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring a skateboard as part of their carry-on baggage.

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If you prefer to check your skateboard as part of your checked baggage, you’ll need to ensure it meets the airline’s size and weight requirements for checked items.

Carry-on Size Restrictions:

Spirit Airlines has specific size restrictions for carry-on items. The maximum dimensions for a personal item (which includes a skateboard) are 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

Ensure that your skateboard, when properly packed, meets these size requirements.

Packing Your Skateboard:

To bring your skateboard as a carry-on, it’s crucial to pack it appropriately to comply with airline regulations and prevent any damage.

Consider using a skateboard bag or a padded skateboard cover to protect your board during the flight.

Remove any loose parts or accessories, such as wheels or trucks, and pack them separately to prevent damage.

Security Screening:

Skateboards, like any other carry-on items, will go through security screening. Be prepared to remove your skateboard from its bag for X-ray screening.

Security personnel may inspect your skateboard more closely, so allow for some extra time during the security check process.

Boarding Process:

When boarding, keep in mind that overhead bin space is limited on Spirit Airlines flights. Try to board early to secure space for your skateboard.

Communicate with the flight attendants if you need assistance or have any questions regarding the storage of your skateboard.

Fees and Charges:

Spirit Airlines is known for its à la carte pricing model. Verify whether your skateboard will count as a personal item or if any additional fees apply.

Pay any necessary fees online before arriving at the airport to save time and potentially reduce costs.

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Alternative Option – Shipping:

If you are concerned about the size limitations or potential damage to your skateboard during the flight, consider shipping it to your destination in advance.

This ensures that your skateboard arrives safely and gives you more flexibility in terms of packaging.


It is possible to bring a skateboard on a Spirit Airlines flight as long as you comply with the airline’s policies and regulations.

Remember to pack your skateboard properly, remove any loose parts, and communicate with the flight attendants if needed.

Consider shipping your board in advance if you have concerns about size limitations or potential damage during the flight.

With proper preparation and understanding of the airline’s policies, you can enjoy your flight with your skateboard by your side.

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