Can you do tricks on an electric skateboard?

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Electric skateboards have revolutionized the way we commute and have become popular not only for transportation but also for the thrill of performing tricks.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, mastering tricks on an electric skateboard can add an exciting dimension to your riding experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore various tricks that you can learn and practice to become a skilled electric skateboarder.

Can you really do tricks on an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can perform tricks on an electric skateboard, but the types of tricks may be somewhat limited compared to traditional skateboards.

Electric skateboards typically have a heavier and more rigid structure due to the added components like batteries and motors.

However, many riders still enjoy experimenting with various maneuvers to enhance their riding experience.

The key is to find what works best with your electric skateboard’s capabilities and to always prioritize safety while pushing the limits of your skills.

With regular practice and determination, you can master tricks on an electric skateboard just as well as a traditional one.

Mastering the Basics:

Before diving into advanced tricks, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation in basic riding skills. Ensure that you can comfortably ride your electric skateboard, maintain balance, and control your speed. Familiarize yourself with turning, braking, and accelerating smoothly.


Ollies are fundamental skateboard tricks, and they can be performed on electric skateboards as well. Follow these steps to execute a basic ollie:

  • Position your feet parallel to the deck, with your front foot slightly angled.
  • Bend your knees and crouch down.
  • Quickly shift your weight to your back foot and then pop the tail of the board.
  • As the tail pops, slide your front foot up towards the nose while leveling the board in the air.
  • Land with both feet on the deck.
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Kickflips and Heelflips:

Once you’re comfortable with ollies, you can progress to kickflips and heelflips. These tricks involve flipping the board beneath your feet while in the air.

  • For a kickflip, use your front foot to flick the edge of the board down and away from you.
  • For a heelflip, use your heel to flick the edge of the board in the opposite direction.

Practice these tricks in an open area, and focus on landing both feet on the board consistently.

Manuals and Nose Manuals:

Manuals involve riding on the rear wheels without letting the front wheels touch the ground, while nose manuals are the opposite. To perform a manual:

  • Shift your weight towards the tail for a manual or towards the nose for a nose manual.
  • Keep your knees slightly bent to maintain balance.
  • Use subtle movements to control the tilt of the board.

Start with short manuals and gradually increase the distance as you gain confidence.

Slides and Carving:

Slides and carving are stylish maneuvers that involve sliding the board sideways or making sharp turns. To perform slides:

  • Shift your weight to one side while turning the board slightly.
  • Use your body movements to guide the board into a controlled slide.

Carving involves making smooth, flowing turns while riding. Experiment with different carving styles to add flair to your rides.


Some electric skateboards come with specialized trucks that allow for grinds. Grinds involve sliding the trucks along an obstacle, such as a rail or ledge. Practice on low obstacles first, and ensure you have protective gear.

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Combo Tricks:

As you become more proficient, try combining different tricks into a seamless routine. This can include linking ollies with manuals, kickflips into slides, or any combination that showcases your style.

Can I fly with an electric skateboard?

While it’s generally possible to fly with an electric skateboard, there are specific regulations and guidelines to follow:

Check Airline Policies: Different airlines have varying rules regarding the transportation of electric skateboards. Check with the airline in advance to understand their policies.

Battery Regulations: Airlines often have restrictions on carrying lithium-ion batteries. Remove the battery from the electric skateboard if required, and carry it in your carry-on luggage.

Notify Airline Staff: Inform airline staff about the presence of the electric skateboard and any removable batteries during check-in to ensure compliance with safety regulations.


Mastering tricks on an electric skateboard requires practice, patience, and a commitment to safety.

Always wear appropriate protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Start with the basics and progress gradually, building on each skill as you gain confidence.

With time and dedication, you’ll develop your own style and repertoire of tricks, making your electric skateboard rides both exhilarating and impressive.

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