Is Kryptonics a good skateboard brand?

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Skateboarding has evolved from a niche subculture into a mainstream sport, and with this growth, numerous skateboard brands have emerged, each vying for the attention of riders at different skill levels.

Kryptonics, a brand that has been around since the 1960s, is often recognized for its iconic wheels. In this article, we will delve into the history of Kryptonics, explore the key components of their skateboards, and assess their overall reputation in the skateboarding community.

History of Kryptonics:

Kryptonics, a trailblazing company in the skateboard industry, was established in 1965. From its inception, the brand garnered widespread acclaim for its cutting-edge urethane skateboard wheels, marking the beginning of its enduring legacy.

These high-performance wheels swiftly gained popularity among skateboarders, renowned for their exceptional durability and ability to deliver a remarkably smooth ride.

As time progressed, Kryptonics demonstrated its commitment to innovation and diversification. Expanding beyond its initial focus on wheels, the company broadened its product line to encompass a comprehensive range of offerings.

Today, Kryptonics stands as a multifaceted brand, providing skateboard enthusiasts with complete skateboards, decks, trucks, and an array of accessories.

The foundation laid by Kryptonics in the mid-1960s not only contributed significantly to the evolution of skateboard technology but also played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s identity within the skateboarding community.

Through a continuous commitment to quality and performance, Kryptonics has solidified its place as a prominent and influential presence in the dynamic world of skateboarding.

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Key Components of Kryptonics Skateboards:

Innovative design, quality materials, and exceptional performance are the hallmark features of Kryptonics skateboards. Here’s a breakdown of some key components that make their skateboards stand out:


Kryptonics has earned a stellar reputation for its high-quality polyurethane wheels.

The brand has made substantial investments in developing innovative wheel formulas that prioritize crucial elements such as grip, durability, and delivering a consistently smooth ride.

Whether cruising through urban streets or executing tricks at the skatepark, Kryptonics wheels are meticulously designed to ensure a reliable and enjoyable skateboarding experience.


Kryptonics offers a diverse range of skateboard decks tailored to cater to various styles of riding.

From traditional popsicle shapes favored by street skaters to cruiser decks perfect for relaxed cruising, the brand recognizes and addresses the diverse preferences of skateboarders.

Typically constructed from a combination of maple or other hardwoods, Kryptonics decks strike a balance between strength and flexibility, providing riders with a solid foundation for their maneuvers.


The trucks on a skateboard play a pivotal role in determining maneuverability and overall stability.

Kryptonics has consistently produced trucks known for their durability and responsiveness.

Engineered to withstand the impact of tricks and provide a stable platform for riders, Kryptonics trucks contribute significantly to the overall performance and control of their skateboards.


Skateboard bearings are a critical component influencing the speed and smoothness of a ride.

Kryptonics produces bearings that are purposefully designed to minimize friction, ensuring a faster and more efficient ride.

Properly maintained bearings further contribute to the overall performance of a Kryptonics skateboard, enhancing the rider’s experience and control on the board.

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Pros and Cons Kryptonics Skateboards

As with any brand, Kryptonics has its share of strengths and weaknesses. So, here’s a quick overview of some pros and cons associated with the brand:


  • High-Quality Wheels: Kryptonics is widely recognized for its top-notch polyurethane wheels, known for providing excellent grip, durability, and a smooth ride. The brand’s commitment to wheel innovation enhances the overall skateboarding experience.
  • Diverse Deck Options: Kryptonics offers a varied selection of skateboard decks, catering to different riding styles. Whether a rider prefers traditional popsicle shapes or cruiser decks, Kryptonics provides options that accommodate the diverse preferences of skateboarders.
  • Durability and Responsiveness of Trucks: Kryptonics trucks are acknowledged for their durability and responsiveness. Engineered to withstand the impact of tricks, these trucks contribute to the stability and control of the skateboard, enhancing the rider’s ability to execute maneuvers confidently.
  • Efficient Bearings: The bearings produced by Kryptonics are designed to reduce friction, ensuring a faster and smoother ride. Well-maintained bearings contribute to the overall efficiency and performance of a Kryptonics skateboard.
  • Brand Legacy: With a history dating back to 1965, Kryptonics has established itself as one of the pioneering companies in the skateboard industry. The brand’s longevity and contributions to skateboard wheel technology contribute to its positive reputation.


  • Deck Construction Concerns: Some skateboarders have raised concerns about the construction of Kryptonics decks, expressing doubts about their durability compared to decks from other established skateboard brands.
  • Mixed Reviews on Truck Performance: While many riders appreciate the durability and responsiveness of Kryptonics trucks, there are mixed reviews within the skateboarding community. Some riders may have preferences for trucks from other well-established brands.
  • Subjective Riding Experience: Skateboarding preferences are highly subjective, and what works well for one rider may not suit another. Some skateboarders may find that Kryptonics skateboards do not align with their personal riding preferences or style.
  • Competition from Specialized Brands: In a market saturated with specialized skateboard brands, some riders may opt for brands that exclusively focus on specific components, such as trucks or decks, rather than choosing a complete skateboard from Kryptonics.
  • Varied Product Line Reception: While Kryptonics is recognized for its wheels, opinions on other components in their product line, such as decks and trucks, are more varied. Riders may have different experiences and preferences, making it essential for individuals to assess their specific needs and priorities.
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